Minako-sensei 0
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Birth Date
Occupation School teacher, Exorcist
Voice Actor Masako Katsuki
Actor Yuka

Minako (美奈子 Minako) is Meisuke Nueno's teacher from his youth. She's the one who build up Nūbē's character that lead to Nūbē becoming a Teacher and Exorcist to help others just as she helped him before.


Minako look somewhat resemble to Ritsuko Takahashi.






Past EventsEdit

She's very protective on Nūbē due to being constantly attacked by spirits and also share the same abilities as her. There's one incident when Nūbē was attacked by a strong Snake Demon that was used by the Koradji to kill people. She tried to save Nūbē and got attacked by the Snake Demon instead. She died but able to save Nūbē and was dragged by the Snake Demon in Hell. There, she was consumed by the Oni.

Years passed and Nūbē is a full pledged teacher and exorcist like her. An incident where one of Nūbē's students was possessed by the same Oni that absorbed Minako-sensei, Nūbē fought but the demon was just too strong for him. Inches away from death, Minako finally intervened due to being fused with Bakki and over ride its will for a short period. Nūbē along with Minako's powers were able to seal Bakki on Nūbē's left arm. Nūbē promised that someday he'll find a way to free her soul from the Oni no Te.

Story EventsEdit

Jigoku Sensei NubeEdit

After Nūbē defeated Baki and become friend, Baki released Minako's soul from his body, so that Minako is finally free. Minako comes to Doumori Elementary to see Nūbē and his students, playing together with Nūbē's students. After Nūbē's students went back to their homes, Minako said that it's time to sent her soul to the Sukhavati. Nūbē agreed and sent Minako to the Sukhavati, while Minako being said farewell to Nūbē.


  • When Ritsuko's family was revealed in the sequel Jigoku Sensei Nube Neo, one of her child apparently look similar to Minako. This is probably hinted that Minako has been reincarnated as Ritsuko's daughter.